Women’s basketball team injured in Boston Bus Crash

A charter bus carrying a women’s collegiate basketball team crashed on Tuesday evening, February 26, near Georgetown, Massachusetts.

The bus was transporting the University of Maine women’s basketball team in the southbound lane of Interstate 95 thirty miles north of Boston to a game against Boston University when it veered into the median and the opposite lane before crashing down a steep embankment into the woods.

Authorities were shocked that no other cars were involved or damaged in the crash, especially given the circumstances and location of the wreck. “This is a very heavily traveled road, day and night, and for a bus that size to basically catapult across the road, I couldn’t imagine being northbound and seeing that thing coming at me,” commented Al Beardsley, Georgetown Fire Chief.

The initial incident or cause that resulted in the bus veering out of its lane is still under investigation, although some signs point to the driver experiencing a medical issue. Thankfully, the bus did not flip and remained upright in a roadside, snow-covered embankment in the woods surrounding the highway.

Of the twenty-two players on the bus, only minor injuries were reported. The coach had some cuts on his face , and three players were admitted to the hospital for further observation, though no major injuries were reported. The driver, however, was taken to a Boston hospital in serious condition.

“We’re very thankful that this accident was not any worse than it was. The thoughts of the entire University of Maine community are with the bus driver and the team as they contend with this very frightening event,” said Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students Robert Dana.

Owned by John T. Cyr & Sons Inc. of Old Town, Maine, the bus line was used often by the University of Maine athletic teams and was a “terrific carrier,” according to a statement by Steve Abbott, University of Maine athletic director. Despite the traumatic ride the team had experienced, Abbott was grateful to report that there were no major or life-threatening injuries.

As the wreckage was removed from the roadway, a passing car struck a police car at the scene of the crash. The driver was a state trooper, and was taken to the hospital with what was reported to be only minor injuries. The driver of the car that struck the police officer did not report any injuries as a result, police said in a statement.

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