Defective Drugs

At The Killino Firm we know defective drugs; for instance, we filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tyco Healthcare on behalf of a family who lost a loved one to a tainted dose of the blood thinner, Heparin.

The Killino Firm’s highly trained and experienced legal team has a proven track record of success in handling defective drugs on both the individual and national level. If you have been injured by a defective drug, contact the experienced defective drug attorneys at The Killino Firm today.

Heparin-Related Defective Drug Lawsuit

The law offices of The Killino Firm gained national recognition for its wrongful death and survival action against Tyco Healthcare, alleging the company waited too long to recall its defective Heparin products. The Killino Firm filed the wrongful death action on behalf of a family who lost a loved one to the tainted Heparin. Find more information on the defective Heparin suit here.

At The Killino Firm we believe that drug manufacturers have a responsibility to American consumers to:

  • Test their drugs thoroughly before presenting them to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval
  • Give the FDA information about the drug’s possible adverse reactions.

Drug manufacturers may be held liable for any serious injuries or deaths caused by their products. At The Killino Firm, our attorneys are experts at digging deep and fighting drug manufacturers and other companies and individuals that want to save a few pennies but in the process put Americans’ health and safety at risk.

The Killino Firm’s Defective Drug Lawyers in the Media

From CNN to ABC and around the world, we make the news because we are dedicated to keeping America safe. Although The Killino Firm has recovered millions in compensation for our clients, our true accomplishment is promoting safety for every American and his/her family.

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Experienced Defective Drug Attorneys

Like Heparin, many prescription drugs on the market today have been the subject of drug recalls, due to the adverse side effects that were discovered after the drug had been approved for public use. In some cases, manufacturers have even known about these adverse affects, but have chosen to hide this information form the public, in spite of the dangers to public health.

In some cases, even when a drug has been found to have serious side effects, it is not taken off the market. Instead, a warning is added to the label, and for very serious side effects, a “black box” warning is added.

Unfortunately, the FDA does not always have the time to rigorously screen drugs it is reviewing, and defective drugs may slip into the market. In some cases, drug manufacturers may conceal or slant data to support approval of their drugs. In these cases, the effects of a drug cannot be fully known until the public is exposed to its use.

The personal injury attorneys at The Killino Firm are committed to aggressively defending the rights of the injured. We handle each and every defective drug matter with the same intensity and commitment as we have the Heparin lawsuit.

When something goes wrong we are prepared to investigate every aspect of the adverse reaction in order to discover not only what happened, but why. Using cutting edge technology, we evaluate every option, and then proceed aggressively so that our clients receive all the compensation they are entitled to. That’s The Killino Firm Difference.

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