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At the Killino Firm, we know how important it is that a product performs to standards.  When a bicycle fails while in use, death or serious injuries including brain damage, spinal injuries, broken bones, and other trauma may occur.  Trauma of this nature can have lasting effects including permanent disabilities and physical disfigurement that may require life-long care and expensive treatment. We also recognize the emotional pain and suffering associated with such injuries. As a result, we are devoted to helping individuals, including, parents and families of children who are injured on dangerous or faulty bicycles that are either defectively manufactured or defectively assembled, recover any compensation they are entitled to.

Because riding a bicycle usually occurs outdoors with many variable factors, it is not uncommon for riders to sustain nicks and scrapes from environmental factors in the course of riding from time-to-time.  However, in the event that an injury occurs because the bicycle was not properly manufactured or assembled, the injured person or their family has a right to seek recovery of compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering. At the Killino Firm, we fight zealously on behalf of injured persons and their families and will make sure that the responsible parties are held accountable.

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Types of Trauma from Defective Bicycles

It may surprise many people to learn that various federal regulations exist which are addressed to the manufacturing and distribution requirements for bicycles.  For example, there are regulations that speak to:

  • Mechanical requirements
  • Braking system requirements
  • Steering system requirements
  • Pedal requirements
  • Drive chain requirements
  • Tire requirements
  • Fork and frame assembly requirements
  • Protective guard requirements
  • Wheel requirements
  • Wheel hub requirements
  • Seat requirements
  • Reflector requirements
  • Instruction and labeling requirements

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, regularly issues recalls in connection with bicycles which have defectively manufactured parts. Many times those dangerous or faulty bicycles and/or their component parts are manufactured in China or Taiwan.  Brands affected by recalls have included the likes of Trek, Giant, Specialized, Rocky Mountain, Felt, Norco and Huffy.

Not surprisingly, when one of the systems on a bicycle fails, serious injuries may result. Injuries from bicycles defectively manufactured or assembled may include:

Legal Liability for Injuries Caused by Defective Bicycles

Laws applicable to defectively manufactured or assembled bicycles often vary from state to state.

Generally, those who manufacture, design, distribute, or sell defectively manufactured bicycles may be held liable for injuries sustained by an individual who uses a defective bicycle, including a child, if the defect is found to have been a cause of the individual’s injuries. An action against any one or all of such defendants is brought under the law of product liability, which requires proof of a defect, proof that the defect was a cause of the individual’s injuries, and proof that the injuries resulted in legally compensable damages.  Usually, each one of these elements listed must be proved by a preponderance of the evidence and often requires the testimony of experts.

Where the issue is the defective assembly of a bicycle, the standard is usually that of negligence.  As in the case of defective manufacture, a defectively assembly claim will generally require proof that the bicycle was defectively assembled, that the defective assembly was a cause of the individual’s injuries, and proof that the injuries are legally compensable.  Usually, each one of these elements listed must be proved by a preponderance of the evidence and may require the testimony of experts.

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No matter how severe your or your loved one’s injuries, at the Killino Firm, we believe that all responsible parties should be held accountable for their mistakes and negligence. We are committed to fighting tirelessly on behalf of the injured.

We work regularly with state of the art technology and industry experts who aid us in conducting a complete analysis to help us determine the cause of injury. In the event that negligence was displayed, we are committed to fighting exhaustively to ensure you or your loved one receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

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