Wooden Toys Recalled Due to Lead Paint Violation

Some 300 wooden toys were recalled, Dec. 30, 2009, due to a violation of lead paint ban. The voluntary recall includes Oozora and Shin-Fuji Kendama Japanese Wooden Skill Ball Toys distributed by Kendamaspot LLC, of Redmond, Washington.

The toys were recalled due to excessive amounts of lead in the paint, which is in violation of the federal lead paint standard.

Recalled Toys Description

The recalled toys have a ball connected by a string to a handle with three cups and a spike on top. The toy parts that are in violation of the lead paint standards are the red and green balls on the Oozora and the red balls on the Shin Fuji. All of the toys should have a Japanese Kendama Association sticker affixed to them.

The recalled toys would have been purchased at either Kendamaspot’s website or at a cultural festival in Washington State between July 2008 and April 2009. The toys sold for approximately $20 each.

Do You Have a Recalled Toy?

If you have a recalled wooden toy, it is important to take it away from your children and contact Kendamaspot to receive a free replacement ball. You can call Kendamaspot toll free at (866) 903-7795 or visit their website at kendamaspot.com.

Has Your Child Been Affected by Lead Poisoning?

If your child has been diagnosed with lead poisoning and you believe it may have been from a dangerous toy such as the recalled Wooden Skill Ball toys, contact The Killino Firm for help. We have been recognized for our involvement in a class action lawsuit against Mattel Inc., seeking to compel them to pay for medical testing of children who were exposed to dangerous levels of lead in their recalled toys.

We believe that toy manufacturers have a responsibility to keeping our children safe, and when something goes wrong, we are well prepared to expose their wrongdoing and hold them accountable. For more information, contact our personal injury lawyers today.