Two People Missing in Philadelphia Tourist Boating Accident

Two people are reported missing as a result of a Philadelphia tourist boating accident, July 7, 2010. According to reports, the missing 16-year-old female and 20-year-old male were among a total of 37 passengers on board a tourist boat in the Delaware River when it collided with a city-owned barge.

The New York Times reports that the amphibious tourist “duck boat” was experiencing mechanical problems moments before the barge crashed into it. The boat allegedly had a small fire onboard, causing it to idle in the water. A tugboat was pulling the 800-foot barge through the water at time of the crash.

Rescue teams reportedly rushed to the scene to pull the passengers out of the water. But, as of Wednesday evening, two people are still reported to be missing. Divers apparently found the boat 50 feet below the water’s surface. The investigation will continue.

There were no crewmembers on board the barge. Five crewmembers were on board the tugboat that was pulling the barge. None of them were injured.

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