Tons of Toys Laden with Lead Recalled for Safety’s Sake

Vernon, CA – Several toys discovered to be laden with lead have been recalled as a safety precaution by S.U. Wholesale, Inc. in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). S.U. Wholesale, Inc. has implemented the recall of its own volition. The toys involved in the recall are cars, motorcycles, and airplanes and deemed to be defective products. Specifically the Super Famous toy cars and Motorcycles and X Force Commander toy airplanes have both been a part of the recall. Consumers are advised to immediately remove the toys from their children’s possession and return them to the retail store of purchase to get a refund issued for the toys since they are defective products.

The Super Famous Toys and X Force Commanders were produced in China then imported to the United States through S.U. Wholesale, Inc. It’s estimated that around 5,000 of the toys were sold at Dollar Stores throughout the country. The toys were primarily sold in stores between the timeframe of September 2006 and November 2007. Most of the toys sold in stores for about $1.00. The toys have more than the legal limit of lead in the paint. Fortunately, no injuries or accidents have been reported pertaining to the lead levels evident on the toys. The set of X Force Commander toys is made of six jets crafted from plastic with Item Number 5689 placed on the front of the package. They come in an array of colors: black, blue, green, red, silver, and yellow. The toys in the Super Famous like are cars and motorcycles crafted from plastic. Cars are either painted in red or yellow, and the motorcycles are gray in color.

It’s a proven fact that lead based paint can cause substantial harm to unborn infants and children. Common injuries and birth defects resulting from exposure to lead are: brain and nervous system impairments, behavioral and cognitive issues, headaches, hearing impairments, mental and physical retardation, and slowed growth. There are a host of other health issues that can arise in children due to lead exposure. Adults are at risk for lead exposure as well. It is not uncommon for lead to cause cancer, nervous system problems, and reproductive issues in adults. During 2007 over six million toys were recalled due to lead paint scares.

Several toy makers and distributors are embroiled in lawsuits over last year’s lead paint fiasco. Some that have had issues with lawsuits are: Costco Wholesale, Eveready Battery, Fisher-Price, Marvel Entertainment for Ernie, Elmo, Big Bird, & Sponge Bob, Michaels Stores, Sears/Roebuck and Co., and Thomas the Train products. Certain ones of the toys stayed on store shelves even though they were known to be potentially dangerous. By the time the Christmas season came around 75 name brands had been recalled and 39 of those were for known lead exposure.

The state of California filed suit against twenty companies regarding the lead based paint scare. The toys issued by the companies were found to have significant amounts of lead on them. The state of California issued the lawsuits because the companies didn’t properly warn the public. Anyone with concerns or questions about the recent S.U. Wholesale, Inc. recall are encouraged to call (877) 580-8883 free of charge.