Another Toy Helicopter Recall

Washington, DC – A toy helicopter manufactured in China that is known to catch fire without warning, has been recalled.

Tradewinds International Enterprises Inc. of San Francisco recalled approximately 152,000 units of the ‘Sky Champion’ wireless helicopter, designed to be used indoors, this week. The toy is made of foam and plastic, and measurers seven inches by three inches. The accompanying transmitter controls, and recharges the helicopter.

The hazard stems from the possibility that the rechargeable battery contained inside the helicopter can heat up and catch fire, easily igniting the helicopter and any combustible materials that might be nearby.

So far there have been two reports of the toy helicopters randomly bursting into flames, although there have been no reports if injury, or property damage.

The helicopters feature the following imprint on the tail of the unit: BH26047, with WIC 551777 featured on the product packaging.

The units were sold exclusively at Walgreen’s stores nationwide from June through November 2007, and retailed for about $20.

Tradewinds International Enterprises Inc., also known as TWIE, is the importer and distributor of the recalled toys that were imported from China. While consumers were advised to immediately stop using the toy, and keep it away from children, it is not known if the battery inside the helicopter needs to be removed in order to avoid a fire hazard, or if removal is even possible.

It is also not known if the helicopter needs to be operating in order to catch fire, or if the rechargeable battery can overheat and spark a fire while unattended.

It should be noted that a similar toy was recalled back in February. That recall involved Soft Air USA Inc., of Grapevine Texas and involved about 30,000 units of the “Fun2Fly Microcopter.” Similar to the Sky Champion toys, the Fun2Fly series also utilized a transmitter, and a rechargeable battery in the helicopter itself that could overheat and catch fire. The toy was also manufactured from a combination of foam and plastic. There were six reports of fires linked to the February recall, with one injury reported.

Like the Sky Champion toy, the Fun2Fly series was made in China.

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