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Getting the Lead Out: Three More Recalls from China

Washington, DC – Three more recalls this week reveal a continuing concern with regard to dangerous levels of lead in children’s toys manufactured in China. The revelations give pause to any manufacturer or importer of goods from that country that hard questions need to be asked with regard to the raw materials used, and if […]

Making the Case to Protect Children From Harmful Chemicals in Toys

Washington, DC: – Recent House Energy Commerce Committee hearings featured testimony from those in the scientific community with regard to the toxicity of children’s toys containing phthalates, a class of industrial chemicals commonly found in many of the toys, and child care products marketed to children and their parents. It has been reported that phthalates […]

Another Toy Helicopter Recall

Washington, DC – A toy helicopter manufactured in China that is known to catch fire without warning, has been recalled. Tradewinds International Enterprises Inc. of San Francisco recalled approximately 152,000 units of the ‘Sky Champion’ wireless helicopter, designed to be used indoors, this week. The toy is made of foam and plastic, and measurers seven […]

Are Toys Safer Today?

Yes, no, maybe, it depends on how you define safe, which state you live in, and how a dispute of Solomonic proportions between state and federal regulators plays out. One year after Mattel, among other toy makers, was forced to recall millions of toxic toys, parents, manufacturers, retailers and regulators are in the midst of […]

Little Tikes Recalls One Million Toy Phones for Choking Hazard

Washington, DC – A children’s toy cell phone that could prove to be a substantial choking hazard has been recalled by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC). Given the number of toys recalled, you just might have one. About one million units have been recalled. The small toy phones are manufactured by Kids Station […]