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Obama’s Tire Tariff Criticized by Congressman Flake

On Sept. 13, 2009, President Obama instituted a raise on tariffs excised on tires imported from China. While this current tire tariff is 4 percent, it was raised to 35 percent Sept. 26. According to this plan, in 2010, the tariff will then drop to 30 percent, and, in 2011, it will drop again to […]

Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires Recalled

The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) announced the recall of Bridgestone Exedra G850 G motorcycle tires due to a potential safety hazard. According to the report issued by NHTSA, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operation (BATO) recalled the tires after discovering a defect in the tire could potentially lead to motorcycle accidents. The tires involved in the […]