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Holiday Decorations Result in Injuries

The months of November and December bring families, across the nation, holiday cheer. Sadly, however, along with festivities and holiday decorations comes an increase in accidents, falls and serious injuries. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released an article titled, “Do’s and Don’ts” of Holiday Decorating in December 2008, urging individuals and […]

Summer: The Living is Easy and the Pools are Dangerous for Children

Minneapolis, MN – The onset of summer gives pause for caution with regard to pools and spas, given the spate of drownings and near-drownings that are the unfortunate staple of the summer months. The statistics are alarming: an annual average of 283 drowning deaths (averaged out over the years 2003 to 2005), coupled with 2,700 […]

Jumper: Trampoline Risks Abound

Indianapolis, IN – Trampolines can often be an accident waiting to happen, especially those that lack protective netting along the sides that prevent a jumper from being bounced onto the ground. Beyond that, is a recent Indiana Supreme Court decision that faults the parents of an unsupervised six-year-old boy, left alone in an unfenced back […]

Making the Case to Protect Children From Harmful Chemicals in Toys

Washington, DC: – Recent House Energy Commerce Committee hearings featured testimony from those in the scientific community with regard to the toxicity of children’s toys containing phthalates, a class of industrial chemicals commonly found in many of the toys, and child care products marketed to children and their parents. It has been reported that phthalates […]

Magnets Widely Used in Schools are Recalled

Washington, DC – On May 22, the United States Consumer Product Commission, along with a Columbus, OH importer of educational products declared a voluntary recall of various types of magnets widely used in schools’ science classes. Mangets Made in India Recalled About 87,000 various magnets manufactured in India and imported and sold throughout the United […]