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Mattel, Fisher Price Fined $2.3 Million for Lead-Contaminated Toys

Mattel, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Fisher-Price, agreed to pay a $2.3 million fine for violating a federal lead paint ban. The fine follows a 2007 recall of millions of Mattel’s popular children toys that contained lead paint levels that violated federal law. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who announced the […]

Getting the Lead Out: Three More Recalls from China

Washington, DC – Three more recalls this week reveal a continuing concern with regard to dangerous levels of lead in children’s toys manufactured in China. The revelations give pause to any manufacturer or importer of goods from that country that hard questions need to be asked with regard to the raw materials used, and if […]

Are Toys Safer Today?

Yes, no, maybe, it depends on how you define safe, which state you live in, and how a dispute of Solomonic proportions between state and federal regulators plays out. One year after Mattel, among other toy makers, was forced to recall millions of toxic toys, parents, manufacturers, retailers and regulators are in the midst of […]

Magnets Widely Used in Schools are Recalled

Washington, DC – On May 22, the United States Consumer Product Commission, along with a Columbus, OH importer of educational products declared a voluntary recall of various types of magnets widely used in schools’ science classes. Mangets Made in India Recalled About 87,000 various magnets manufactured in India and imported and sold throughout the United […]

Tons of Toys Laden with Lead Recalled for Safety’s Sake

Vernon, CA – Several toys discovered to be laden with lead have been recalled as a safety precaution by S.U. Wholesale, Inc. in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). S.U. Wholesale, Inc. has implemented the recall of its own volition. The toys involved in the recall are cars, motorcycles, and airplanes and […]