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Obama’s Tire Tariff Criticized by Congressman Flake

On Sept. 13, 2009, President Obama instituted a raise on tariffs excised on tires imported from China. While this current tire tariff is 4 percent, it was raised to 35 percent Sept. 26. According to this plan, in 2010, the tariff will then drop to 30 percent, and, in 2011, it will drop again to […]

More China Imports Recalled Due to Choking Hazard

New York, NY – An infant’s garment made in China was recalled this week by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission after it was found that a series of snaps used to fasten the garment could detach, posing a choking hazard to infants. Recalled Infant Garment Sold at Buy Buy Baby, Dillards, & Nordstrom The […]

Getting the Lead Out: Three More Recalls from China

Washington, DC – Three more recalls this week reveal a continuing concern with regard to dangerous levels of lead in children’s toys manufactured in China. The revelations give pause to any manufacturer or importer of goods from that country that hard questions need to be asked with regard to the raw materials used, and if […]

Cribs Made in China Recalled, Toddler Left Hanging

East Stroudsburg, PA – Imagine the horror of waking to the sound of your infant son screaming from the next room. You run to his aid to find him trapped in his crib, his head wedged inside between two spindles, his body dangling on the outside. Janine Nieman of East Stroudsburg, PA did not have […]

Are Toys Safer Today?

Yes, no, maybe, it depends on how you define safe, which state you live in, and how a dispute of Solomonic proportions between state and federal regulators plays out. One year after Mattel, among other toy makers, was forced to recall millions of toxic toys, parents, manufacturers, retailers and regulators are in the midst of […]