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Two Teens Killed in London Grove Car Crash

Two teenagers died in a London Grove car crash Sept. 10, 2010. The fatal crash, reportedly, occurred when an 18-year-old driver crossed a double yellow line and collided head on with another vehicle. The driver, Arick T. Price, and Victoria Ramos, 15, a passenger in the vehicle, both died at the scene. Two other passengers […]

Toyota Sudden Acceleration Accidents

On Aug. 28, 2009, a 2009 Lexus ES 350 was involved in a devastatingly fatal crash in Santee, California after it raced over an embankment and caught fire following sudden unintended acceleration (SUA). All four passengers – a family of four – were killed as a result of this accident. The deceased include parents Mark […]

Vehicle Backovers Kill 99 Kids, Injure 2,000 in 2007

A recent report compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has found that 99 children died and 2,000 others were injured after being backed over by cars in 2007. As part of a larger examination of “non-traffic” car-related deaths and injuries, the NHTSA’s report was compiled by gathering data submitted in police reports. […]

Child Ejected onto Highway in Crash, Sustains Serious Injuries

Graham, NC – This past Friday the 13th will seem doubly unlucky for a North Carolina woman and her son after their Chevy Blazer was rear-ended by a GMC truck while traveling on NC 87 in that State of North Carolina Friday evening. Both were rushed to hospital with serious injuries from the auto accident. […]

Car Crash Injuries: The Faces, Behind the Statistics

Tallulah, LA – As a child, you probably have fond memories of coming home after school and waiting with eager anticipation for Dad to come home from work. A little catch after dinner, or working on the tree fort, or tying a few new fishing lures for the glorious weekend of fishing that lay ahead. […]