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Continental Airlines Flight 3407 Crashes, Kills 50

Buffalo, NY – Continental Airlines Flight 3407, traveling from Newark, NJ to Buffalo, NY, suddenly crashed into a suburban home at 10:20 p.m., Feb. 12, 2009. The tragic airplane accident killed the 49 passengers and crew aboard the plane and one individual in the home. This commuter plane crash is the first such devastating commercial […]

Pilot in Alabama Plane Crash Found to be Fatigued

Alabama – Whenever anybody hears of a plane losing altitude and crashing, the immediate assumption is that there might have been something wrong with the plane. When you hear the term ‘pilot error,’ you assume that the pilot made an error in judgment. When you hear the word ‘stall,’ you assume that something was wrong […]

Four Fatally Wounded in Small Aircraft Crash in Florida

Lantana, FL – Four Florida Atlantic University affiliates, two students and one faculty member, were killed in a small aircraft crash along with their pilot yesterday. This is one of three airplane crashes that have transpired at Lantana-based Kemper Aviation since October 2007. The two students that perished were 35 year old Damion Marx an […]