Deliberation to be Doled out Regarding Accident that Caused Daughter’s Permanent Paralysis and Issues Surrounding Road Rage Cases

Temperance, MI – Two families continue to be tied up in legal wranglings in regards to a serious car crash and now a road rage case. The two families involved are the Beales and the Krells. 28 year old Timothy Krell was placed in jail for being the cause of an accident that fatally killed Charlie Fackelman and caused permanent paralysis accident related to Stevie Beale. Al Beale is accused of having an ax to grind with Timothy Krell over the accident that left his daughter suffering form paralysis accident related to the incident.

Roadrage Leads to Filing of Protective Order

Krell had been released from jail one month ago for charges related to the fatal and paralyzing car accident. He was driving in a pickup truck that had a vanity license plate with his last name of Krell on the back of the truck. Timothy has accused Al of tailgating his truck and then coming up alongside of his truck at Summerfield and Secor Roads in Temperance, MI and spitting upon the vehicle. Al Beale says that he didn’t give in to road rage and didn’t see the license plate on the back of Timothy Krell’s truck to be able to identify who he was. Krell has filed a protective order against Beale out of fear of retaliation against him. Beale proclaims he is innocent and says that he wants no trouble with Krell.

The reports from the Monroe County Sheriff’s office show that the two men did stop at the intersection of Summerfield and Secor Roads in Temperance, MI about 4:40 p.m. on Sunday of last week. Attorneys for Mr. Krell believe Mr. Beale poses a serious threat to his safety and well-being. Krell said Beale pulled up alongside of his truck and hurled obscenities at him and asked what he was doing.

Roadrage Caused Accident and Injuries

Beale said he doesn’t want any trouble. He has said he doesn’t want to end up in jail the same as Charles Fackelman, Sr. whose son died in the same accident that paralyzed Al Beale’s daughter Stevie permanently. The young man who died Charlie Fackelman’s father Charles Sr. is in jail at the present time for a total of four felonies. Charles Sr. took a handgun after Mr. Krell and kicked in a neighbor’s door to try to get to him. This was precipitated by the accident Mr. Krell was convicted of causing in a road rage incident that killed Charlie Fackelman (the son) and caused permanent paralysis to Stevie Beale, Al Beale’s daughter. Mr. Krell was spent a total of six months in jail for the accident.

Al Beale has said he may be moving out of the area in the near future. This is because he needs to sell his home to help upkeep his daughter Stevie since her accident. He says he has no problem with Mr. Krell and is not looking to retaliate.

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