Cameras Country Wide Catch Red Light Runners at a High Price

Clarksville, TN – Across the country red light cameras are becoming the big brother of Americans on the roads. People race through the red lights to avoid getting caught by the camera to avoid getting a traffic ticket. Throughout the country it is being revealed that red light cameras are the cause of several crashes and automobile injuries. Sometimes one person is racing through the light as it turns red and crashes into the back end of another vehicle. Another common crash is an angle accident where the driver hits the side of another vehicle. There have been incidents where it was necessary to have firefighters try whatever means possible to pry drivers and passengers from vehicles involved in these types of crashes resulting in automobile injuries.

Red Light Cameras Likely to Cause More Accidents

When a person runs a red light where a camera sits a ticket is sent via mail for the infraction is mailed to the offender. Several studies have been conducted and the results prove that the cameras substantially increase the likelihood of crashes at sites where the cameras are installed. The profits that local police stations are receiving from the traffic tickets are so lucrative many experts feel they won’t take the facts from the studies into account. Also, insurance companies are realizing sizable profits from people that receive the tickets as auto insurance premiums rise from such incidences. With so many people standing to profit from the red light cameras the likelihood of them being removed is slim to none.

Red Light Cameras Overly Sensitive

Nearly ninety percent of offenses at the lights are so minimal that a human eye would not be able to catch anyone running the light. The camera is sensitive enough to capture the most minor of violations. Red light violations tend to occur within the first second after the light changes over. Experts are suggesting that engineers can fix the cameras to give a one second grace to those who end up running the red lights. It’s largely believed this will help to cut down on accidents resulting in automobile injuries.

Money Made from Red Light Cameras

In the San Diego, CA area alone nearly $30 million in fines were wracked up from the red light cameras within a period of a year and a half. One camera single-handedly brought in $7 million of the total fines collected during that time. Areas that are much smaller are reaping millions from the cameras as well. Cities that are cash starved will not be eager to get rid of the cameras due to their profitability. Certain communities have received accusations from citizens that they are lessening the timing for yellow lights. This situation can create the inability to stop in a timely manner once the light turns red resulting in more accidents. The head cheerleader for the cameras is the IIHS or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Self-admittedly they are an agency that is funded completely by auto insurance companies who stands to make a large profit from the infractions caused by the cameras.

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