Philadelphia area auto collision kills 10-year old and injures another

Police are investigating a collision in Chester, Delaware County between a car and a truck which resulted in the death of a 10-year boy and injuries to 11-year old Tyvaun Frison. The boys were on the sidewalk and were hit when a collision between a Monte Carlo and a Ford F-350 spilled onto the sidewalk.

According to Frison, who was recently released from the hospital with a leg brace and crutches, “The person that was driving the car was trying to turn but it hit me, the Monte Carlo, the red truck hit Ratshey.”  Ratshey is the nickname of the 10-year old boy who was killed in the accident and whose real name is being withheld by Eyewitness News by request from his family.

Frison said he remembered feeling numb after being hit by the Monte Carlo and that “The person that was driving the car was trying to turn but it hit me, the Monte Carlo, the red truck hit Ratshey.” Kyree Spriggs, who was with Tyvaun and Ratshey at the time of the accident, was uninjured. Kyree witnessed the incident and said “I saw the red car speeding down, that’s when the other car was turning and that’s when they hit each other.”

Preliminary Police investigations reveal that the accident resulted when the Ford truck, which was traveling south on Highland Avenue, collided with the Monte Carlo as it turned south on Highland Avenue from West 9th Street. Witnesses told Eyewitness News that speed was a factor, but the police investigation is continuing with charges pending. The drivers of both the Ford and Monte Carlo are cooperating with the investigation.

Tiesha Spriggs, Frison’s mother, gave the following statement:  “The little boy was just here with us for two days straight, it’s sad. It’s very sad…It could have been so many lives taken today. Everybody needs to slow down because there are kids out here, it’s the summer time, they want to play. They don’t have to worry about cars jumping the curb or anything like that.”

The Accident Investigation Units of Chester and County Detectives were on the scene to assist and are asking that anyone with information involving the incident contact Chester Police Officer Charles Harris at 610-447-8448 or CID Investigator Matt Cresta 610-891-4700.

Philadelphia area tractor trailer accident leaves teen fighting for his life

Police are investigating a crash involving a local student.

At around 2 p.m., the teenage student was leaving Cherry Hill High School East when a tractor trailer loaded with gravel collided with the student’s automobile. According to police, the tractor trailer was unable to stop as the student was making a left turn onto Kresson Road from a parking lot near Cooper Run Drive.

The local student is currently in serious condition at Cooper Hospital after suffering head trauma as a result of the collision. The tractor trailer driver was uninjured.

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