Pennsylvania Bus Driver Kills 1, Injures Multiple

A Pennsylvania school bus driver is linked to more than one fatal accident. Bus driver Frederick Poust III was allegedly caught on film by on-board video surveillance driving recklessly through stop signs while in route to Perkiomen Valley Middle School West. Reporters allege sleep deprivation led to his negligent behavior.

Poust reportedly collided with a passenger car, Feb. 17, 2010, after recklessly making a left hand turn into the school. A passenger in the other vehicle died and the driver sustained injuries. Five student passengers on the bus suffered emotional injuries.

Fox News reports on-board video footage from that morning confirms that the sleep-deprived bus driver ran through 10 stop signs before the fatal bus accident. Poust is reportedly charged with homicide by vehicle and 46 counts of reckless endangerment.

Bus Driver Linked to Another Fatal Crash

According to reports, Poust was involved in another fatal accident in 1999. Apparently, he ran through a stop sign while dialing his cell phone and smashed into another vehicle. A toddler in the car died. The girl’s parents reportedly sued Poust and came to a private settlement.

Last months fatal crash has led people to question why he was able to drive a school bus after being involved in a fatal crash. Wall, N.J.-based Student Transportation of America said the company followed guidelines and conducted a complete background check before hiring Poust.

According to reports, the company claims it requires thorough investigations to be conducted for any traffic violations that occurred five years prior to employment. When Poust was hired, the accident exceeded the five-year period.

Pennsylvania School Bus Accident Lawyers

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