Seventy Suits are Settled Surrounding Putnam General Hospital

Charleston, WV – One doctor, John Anderson King, practicing medicine at Putnam General Hospital has been the object of one hundred twenty-two medical malpractice suits, of which seventy have been settled. He sustained the suits for malpractice while in the employ of the hospital. His stay was not long and the situation has been fraught… Read more

Tons of Toys Laden with Lead Recalled for Safety’s Sake

Vernon, CA – Several toys discovered to be laden with lead have been recalled as a safety precaution by S.U. Wholesale, Inc. in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). S.U. Wholesale, Inc. has implemented the recall of its own volition. The toys involved in the recall are cars, motorcycles, and airplanes and… Read more

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