Motorcycle accidents injures many and claim lives in New York, Miami, Texas, LA

Former editor of Ms. Magazine and renowned feminist Mary Thom was killed last Friday in a motorcycle accident in Yonkers, New York. According to close friend and publisher of Ms. Magazine, Eleanor Smeal, Thom was driving along a parkway when her motorcycle crashed. Thom was 68.

Thom had taken her motorcycle, a 1996 Honda Magna 750, out of it’s winter storage and was driving along a highway in Yonkers when the motorcycle struck another vehicle. Another vehicle then struck Thom’s. Thom succumbed to the injuries, according to Cristal Chancellor, spokeswoman for the Women’s Media Center.

Well known for her feminist views and writing, Thom Ms. Magazine and remained as an editor of the publication for 20 years. In 1990, Thom joined the Women’s Media Center as its editor-in-chief. The Women’s Media Center announced Thom’s death. President Julie Burton said, “Mary was one of the great writers, editors, and visionaries of the women’s movement, and the heart and soul of Women’s Media Center’s feature writing.”

In Miami, a motorcycle flew over the side of a freeway on-ramp and fell onto a passing vehicle below.

Twenty-two year old Ricardo Lampert was driving on an overpass to a Miami interstate when he lost control of his vehicle and jettisoned off the bike. The motorcycle flipped several times before falling over the side of the interstate overpass onto a car driving below. The vehicle, driven by forty-year old Bret Krupnik, burst into flames as a result of the impact.

Officials investigating the accident confirmed that while the collision blocked the northbound lanes of the highway for more than one hour while it was being cleaned-up, neither Lampert nor Krupnik suffered from life-threatening injuries.

An additional accident occurred in Dallas, Texas along Interstate 20 on Sunday night. A woman driving a motorcycle came to an abrupt stop, which caused a nearby vehicle to strike her from behind. The woman flew off her vehicle and suffered traumatic injuries. She was reported dead at the scene when emergency first responders reached the scene.

Two other vehicles spun out and crashed, making the collision a multi-car accident. No other injuries were reported in the incident.

Lastly, a motorcycle accident in Santa Ana, California took the life of a 27-year old woman on Sunday.

The woman was driving a 1978 Honda motorcycle on a freeway at approximately 11:53pm Sunday night at a reported “high rate of speed” when she crashed, according to the California Highway Patrol.

As the bike neared a van, the driver attempted to move to the left lane and pass the van. The van reportedly moved into the left lane simultaneously, causing the driver of the bike to swerve in response. The bike’s speed prevented the driver from maintaining control of the vehicle and she fell from the bike into the roadway. According to the CHP, she was struck by several vehicles and was reported dead at the scene of the accident.

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