Miami motorcycle accident injures firefighter

6:00 AM Monday Morning – A lone motorcycle collides with a truck at the crossing of South Dixie Highway and 22nd Avenue. No witnesses have come forward. No tickets have been written. There is a question of whether or not the traffic camera captured the accident. There has been no mention of the truck’s driver, or if any charges have been filed. Police are currently investigating.

What happened?

What is known that long time firefighter Hector Seiglie did not make it to work that morning. What happened?

Currently, Mr. Seiglie is lying in a bed in Ryder Trauma Center. Doctors say that Seiglie is in a critical portion of his recovery, but at least his condition is stabilized for now. Family, friends, and fellow firefighters have gathered at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Seeing him through his injury and recover, Hector’s brother David, wife, and three children are by his side.

The accident left Hector severe physical suffering, but doctors are relieving Hector’s discomfort with Tramadol (Ultram) pain medications. At present, Hector is still cannot speak. As part of the course of treatment, the medical professionals ordered two computer tomography scans (CT). The family was waiting for analysis of the second round of scans. The physicians pray that Hector recovers. The Seiglie family has been very pleased with the care given so far.

David Seiglie, had this to say to local television station reporter Peter D’Oench:

“I appreciate it very much….They (the firefighters) were here before us”

The firefighting community friend is very tight knit and firemen from all over the Miami area have come together to support Seiglie. As if it were a 5 alarm fire, enginemen, laddermen, are all lending whatever support they can to the Hector and his family. Even in tragedy, David was very proud to see the fellowship of his brother’s co-workers. Recounting his brother’s twenty plus year career, David said that Hector started firefighting in his thirties and enjoyed it. In the future, Hector was going to retire in Tennessee and volunteer at the local ladder and engine department.

At present, Seiglie is stationed at the Number 5 Station at the corner of NW 12th Avenue and 20th street. Hector is primarily the aerial ladder engineer. His secondary duty includes diving rescues. Saving lives in both fire and water, Hector also sustains life as the chef de cuisine for the firehouse.

MFD’s Lt. Ignatius Carroll Jr. also spoke on the overwhelming positive response from the firefighting community. Why was the firemen community response so strong? “This is family”. Echoing Carroll’s thoughts, Captain Jaime Garcia said that the twenty-five year old bond between him and Hector was deep, “..We were friends even before he joined the fire department.” A common theme among all of Hector’s co-workers was that of family.

As for how the community can assist the Seiglie family, David had this to say:

“We just need lots of prayers,” he said. “Lots of prayers for the family.”

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