Kansas City, KS School Bus Hits and Kills Third-Grade Student

Elementary school kids in Kansas City, KS mourn the loss of a 9-year-old schoolmate who was hit and killed by a school bus March 4, 2010. The bus driver allegedly lost control and killed third-grader Patience N. Cary while she awaited the bus at her morning pick-up spot. Students told reporters the bus driver called the police immediately, but not before they witnessed the tragic event.

Fox 4 reports that some of the students who were on the bus said they saw what happened, and reported feeling, “a bump” as they rolled over the girl’s body. The school bus was making its way to John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Kansas City.

Police say they are investigating the fatal school bus accident.

Emotional Loss For Classmates, Family

Kansas City, Kansas School District says counselors are available for students coping with the death of their friend and classmate. Friends of Patience told reporters they would remember her as always having a smile on her face; family say she was always making friends.

Balloons, flowers and cards cover the intersection of North 66th and Parkview Avenue. The tragic death has sparked attention among residents in Kansas City; some saying a curb could have possibly prevented the accident. The intersection, like many others in the neighborhood, does not have a sidewalk or curb.

A tax measure for funding of curbs and sidewalks in Kansas City will appear on the April ballot. Officials estimate the tax measure could generate some $6 million if passed.

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