Mexican Superstar Jenni Rivera Killed in Plane Crash

Mexican musician, actor, and entertainer Jenni Rivera was killed Sunday night in a private plane crash near Monterrey, Mexico.

Rivera was traveling to Mexico City to tape a Mexican TV Show with seven other passengers when the private plane disappeared from radar. Mexican officials state that the plane lost radio contact only ten minutes after take-off. When the 3:15 am flight did not arrive as expected in Mexican City at 4:40 am, a search party for the Learjet 25 jet was formed.

The wreckage of the plane was found, and the remains indicated that there were no survivors of the crash. Rivera’s parents were notified at their home in Lakewood, Calif., along with other family members and the singer’s own five children.

“This is the tragedy of this kind that we suffer as a family. I hope people remember her as she was – someone who was straight with the world,” commented Rivera’s father, Pedro.

Federal records have shown that the Learjet had been previously damaged in 2005 during a landing accident in Texas. The plane was owned by Christian Esquino Nunez through Starwood management. Authorities are currently trying to contact Nunez to obtain maintenance documentation for the aircraft, as well as details of the 2005 crash. At the time, he was charged by the government for falsifying documents. Nunez and an associate kept false logbooks for several of the jets within his fleet, a crime fitting his 24 month prison sentence and deportation to Mexico.

While there may be a tie between Nunez’ business activities and the accident, the investigation is still in its early stages at this point.

Rivera was a Mexican celebrity, known on both sides of the border for selling more than 15 million albums full of authentic, regional Mexican music. Additionally, she starred in her own reality show, I Love Jenni on mun2, and entered the film industry in a 2012 Sundance film entitled Filly Brown.

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