Holiday Decorations Result in Injuries

The months of November and December bring families, across the nation, holiday cheer. Sadly, however, along with festivities and holiday decorations comes an increase in accidents, falls and serious injuries.

In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released an article titled, “Do’s and Don’ts” of Holiday Decorating in December 2008, urging individuals and families to be extra careful during the holiday months by keeping an eye out for dangerous hazards related to holiday lights and decorations.

Injuries Caused by Holiday Decorations

Dangerous holiday decorations included in the CPSC’s report include flickering candles, blinking lights and Christmas trees. According to the CPSC, approximately 11,000 people suffer from holiday decoration-related injuries every year. Such injuries include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Electrical shocks from faulty holiday lights
  • Cuts and bruises from breakable ornaments and heavy stocking hooks
  • Choking injuries in children who swallow removable parts of holiday decorations
  • Burn injuries caused by unattended candles and dried-out Christmas trees

Holiday Fires Result in Injuries and Property Damage

Given the dangers of dried-out evergreens and flickering candles, it is no wonder why there are so many house fires during the holiday months.

According to the CPSC, dried out Christmas trees account for approximately 240 fires every year, resulting in roughly 16 deaths and $13 million in property damage. On top of that, the CPSC claims that some 13,000 fires are caused each year by burning candles. Such candle-related fires account for more than 150 deaths and $390 million in property damage.

Have You Suffered a Holiday Decoration-Related Injury?

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