Senate Leader Harry Reid in Car Accident

Senate majority leader Harry Reid was injured in a car accident on Friday afternoon. The Nevada senator sustained injuries that put him in the hospital and he was released later that afternoon. Reid was traveling along with a large caravan of vehicles when the group collided with a civilian car. Other people within the group experienced injuries of their own during the crash. None of the injuries were thought to be serious, though other people got medical attention at a local Las Vegas hospital.

Reid’s group was traveling down Interstate 15, a crowded portion of Nevada highway that often sees car accidents. According to the police involved in investigating the incident, speed was a not a major factor in the crash. When taken to the hospital, Senator Reid was treated for a couple of injuries. Mostly just shaken up, he had bruised ribs and a hip contusion. At no point were his injuries thought to be life threatening. Instead, Reid was simply treated as a precaution.

The reports indicate Reid walked away from the car accident under his own power. He also walked into the hospital, doing away with the possibility that he was carried in. This is especially rare in car accidents on stretches of interstate. Given the high speeds normally traveled on those roads, most car accidents are more serious in nature. It appears that Reid and his bunch dodges a major bullet in this crash. What could have been much worse simply resulted in a few bumps and bruises.

According to the report, Reid was wearing his seat belt. This undoubtedly helped him make it through the crash without further injury. There was no report on whether the other passengers were strapped in. Given the nature of that particular stretch of highway, this crash does not come as a surprise. Over the years, that part of Nevada highway always ranks among the most crash-happy places in the state. While traveling in a caravan, Reid was in more danger than usual. Civilian cars that get in the middle of the caravan often cause traffic problems.

Though Reid walked away from the accident without too much trouble, many people are not that lucky when they get involved in car crashes. For those people, it is important to call an auto accident lawyer. A good auto accident lawyer can help those people who might have been hospitalized with more serious injuries. They can help those people fight a major lawsuit in court or work on a settlement with the other party. If you have been injured in a car accident, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with a good auto accident lawyer.

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