Gel Candles Recalled Again by CPSC

Washington, DC – M&A Global Technologies Inc., doing business as Spa at Home, is no stranger to product recalls. Back on February 15, 2007, the Tallahassee, Florida company, in conjunction with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a voluntary recall. The recall involved a product called Everlasting Candles.

Second Recall for Everlasting Candles

Today, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission re-announced the recall as a result of additional incidents since the original recall was first declared. About 1700 units of the Everlasting Jelly Candles manufactured and sold by M&A Global Technologies Inc., are believed to potentially exhibit extreme flame height, therefore posing a burn risk to consumers as well as a fire hazard in general. The manufacturer of the candles has received seven reports of flames coming into contact with flammable materials, causing fire and related damages. Luckily, none of the fires in the seven reported cases was serious. In addition, M&A Global Technologies Inc. has received information regarding four cases where consumers have suffered burn injuries to their hands.

Recalled Models of Everlasting Jelly Candles

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is declaring that consumers should discontinue use of the recalled products immediately at this time. The Everlasting Jelly Candles in question include the following models: Champagne Glass with Heart, Model #502; Large Oval Bowl with Sand & Shells, Model #109-XL; Tumbler with Sand & Shells, Model #101-S; Round Shape with Curly Top and Red Roses, Model #506; Round Shape with Penguins, Model #604; Tumbler with Blue Roses & Leaves, Model #805-11; and Round Shape with Two Butterflies, Model #806-8. The allegedly dangerous candles can be identified as clear glass containers of different sizes with a smaller glass of gel in the center of the candle. The recalled products were sold nationwide through Spa at Home stores and Spaathome.com from October of 2003 through December of 2003 and then from October of 2005 through December of 2005 and retailed for roughly between $9 and $50.

What To Do If You Purchased A Recalled Candle

Consumers who have purchased the recalled candles are advised to discontinue use immediately. Consumers should contact M&A Global Technologies Inc. for instructions on how to return the recalled product.

Tallahassee, Florida based M&A Global Technologies Inc. doing business as Spa at Home touts itself as offering the highest quality candles, bath products and gift sets at competitive prices. The company specializes in wax candles, oil lamps, bath & gift sets, and children’s bath products.

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