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Cybex International Settles CPSC Charges Over Recalled Exercise Machines

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has hit Cybex International with a nearly $8 million civil penalty in connection with two recently recalled exercise machines. According to the Commission, the settlement will resolve allegations that Cybex failed to immediately report that its Arm Curl and Smith Press Machines contained a defect or created an […]

When an Injury While Exercising Can Lead to a Lawsuit

Whether you’re working out at the local health club or using in-home gym equipment to get fit, exercise-related injuries are always a risk. And while some injuries result from overexertion or poor technique, far too many occur due to defectively designed or manufactured equipment, dangerous premises, or negligence on the part of a fitness center […]

With Thousands Injured Every Winter, How Safe are Snowblowers?

Now that winter is well underway, many people in the chillier parts of the country are relying on snowblowers to keep their sidewalks, walkways, and driveways clean and safe. Icy and snow-covered pavement is most definitely hazardous, and snow shoveling is physically taxing and even dangerous for certain individuals. But snowblowers also pose unique risks, […]

Slow Cookers, Multi-Cookers & Pressure Cookers are Convenient. But are They Safe?

The convenience of slow cookers, multi-cookers, and pressure cookers have made these small appliances popular kitchen accessories. But while Crock-Pots, Instant Pots, and similar devices undoubtedly make it much easier for busy families to get a nutritious meal on the table, these products are not without risk. In fact, dozens of people have suffered amputations, […]