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Building collapse in Philadelphia kills 6, injures 13

A four-story building in Philadelphia that was being demolished collapsed on Wednesday, killing 6, and injuring at least 13 people. The empty building used to house a sandwich shop on the first floor with apartments above that. A neighboring Salvation Army thrift store located to the side of the building was heavily damaged. Several of […]

Wrongful Death Averted: A Bizarre Story

Toronto, ON – You hear about all kinds of wrongful deaths in the legal profession, and thankfully this wrongful death never happened. However it’s a bizarre story, and representative of some of the lengths to which people will go, in an effort to exact the ultimate act of control over the life of someone else. […]

Construction Accidents Suggest the Bar on Safety Has to be Raised

New York, NY – The collapse of yet another construction crane in New York City on May 30th, killing two construction workers, is a sign that those entrusted with safe practices have more to worry about than ensuring a safe, and secure work site. Especially if that construction activity is taking place within a heavily […]

Toxic Chemical Leak Sent Workers to Hospital

Pasadena, TX – An April 24, 2008 toxic chemical leak at a Pasadena plant injured no less than 30 employees and sent at least 18 to the hospital. Some were required to spend the night in the hospital after the exposure. No one is sure exactly what caused the toxic gas called silicon tetrafluoride to […]

A Total of Five Construction Workers Sustain Injuries from Scaffold Collapse

Johnson City, TN – A total of five block masons sustained construction injuries from a scaffolding collapse at the site they were working at. They were working at the Hamilton Place construction area located off North State of Franklin Road. The construction accident occurred because the scaffold was placed upon a ceiling joist crafted from […]