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Toddler, 3, Shoots Self in Head with Loaded Handgun at Home

Joliet, IL – It is not only every parent’s nightmare, but also a fear held by anyone who advocates for the safety of children. And just one day before the landmark Supreme Court ruling giving Americans the right to bear arms, a three-year-old toddler from Joliet was killed after the loaded handgun he was playing […]

Jumper: Trampoline Risks Abound

Indianapolis, IN – Trampolines can often be an accident waiting to happen, especially those that lack protective netting along the sides that prevent a jumper from being bounced onto the ground. Beyond that, is a recent Indiana Supreme Court decision that faults the parents of an unsupervised six-year-old boy, left alone in an unfenced back […]

When a Child Dies Needlessly

Brooklyn, NY: – The faces of the grief-stricken pallbearers tell the story—and so too, does the size of the casket. A white box large enough for a child of three. Kyle Smith was given a raw deal in life. His parents weren’t together, and even his older brother Darien, 6, was living with a relative. […]

Making the Case to Protect Children From Harmful Chemicals in Toys

Washington, DC: – Recent House Energy Commerce Committee hearings featured testimony from those in the scientific community with regard to the toxicity of children’s toys containing phthalates, a class of industrial chemicals commonly found in many of the toys, and child care products marketed to children and their parents. It has been reported that phthalates […]

Are Toys Safer Today?

Yes, no, maybe, it depends on how you define safe, which state you live in, and how a dispute of Solomonic proportions between state and federal regulators plays out. One year after Mattel, among other toy makers, was forced to recall millions of toxic toys, parents, manufacturers, retailers and regulators are in the midst of […]