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Summer: The Living is Easy and the Pools are Dangerous for Children

Minneapolis, MN – The onset of summer gives pause for caution with regard to pools and spas, given the spate of drownings and near-drownings that are the unfortunate staple of the summer months. The statistics are alarming: an annual average of 283 drowning deaths (averaged out over the years 2003 to 2005), coupled with 2,700 […]

Toddler, 3, Shoots Self in Head with Loaded Handgun at Home

Joliet, IL – It is not only every parent’s nightmare, but also a fear held by anyone who advocates for the safety of children. And just one day before the landmark Supreme Court ruling giving Americans the right to bear arms, a three-year-old toddler from Joliet was killed after the loaded handgun he was playing […]

Jumper: Trampoline Risks Abound

Indianapolis, IN – Trampolines can often be an accident waiting to happen, especially those that lack protective netting along the sides that prevent a jumper from being bounced onto the ground. Beyond that, is a recent Indiana Supreme Court decision that faults the parents of an unsupervised six-year-old boy, left alone in an unfenced back […]

When a Child Dies Needlessly

Brooklyn, NY: – The faces of the grief-stricken pallbearers tell the story—and so too, does the size of the casket. A white box large enough for a child of three. Kyle Smith was given a raw deal in life. His parents weren’t together, and even his older brother Darien, 6, was living with a relative. […]

Making the Case to Protect Children From Harmful Chemicals in Toys

Washington, DC: – Recent House Energy Commerce Committee hearings featured testimony from those in the scientific community with regard to the toxicity of children’s toys containing phthalates, a class of industrial chemicals commonly found in many of the toys, and child care products marketed to children and their parents. It has been reported that phthalates […]