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Fisher Price 3-in-1 High Chairs Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced March 24 a voluntary recall of Fisher Price 3-in-1 High Chairs. The highchair recall followed an injury report related to the high chairs. High Chairs Pose Fall Hazard According to reports, the Fisher Price 3-in-1 High Chair poses a fall hazard to young children who can fall backwards […]

He Said, She Said: Who Shook the Baby?

Pittsfield, MA – A ten-week-old baby shaken so violently that she suffered brain damage, vision loss and most likely the ability to walk could have her second day in court if her mother, who stands accused of the horrific event, goes to trial this summer. Janan Scutt, 22 of Pittsfield faces a charge stemming back […]

Inmate Suffered Brain Injuries, Sheriff Testifies

Miami, FL – The family of a former inmate of the Broward County Jail has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit and the former sheriff, Ken Jenne, has been named personally. This could mean that any damages the jury awards could result in Jenne having to pay out of his own pocket. Other defendants include […]

Philadelphia Traumatic Brain Injury

Philadelphia, PA¬†– The Killino Firm has been representing clients and their families who have suffered from the consequences of a brain injury for many years. He is deeply associated with many organizations including the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania (BIAPA) where he serves on the board of directors. The Killino Firm defines and distinguishes TBI […]