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Fatal Los Angeles bus and tow truck accident

A 47-year old bus driver has been killed in an auto collision that occurred in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday. Olivia Gamboa of Montebello, a Metro bus driver, collided with a flatbed truck when the truck driver failed to stop at a red light while going southbound on Broadway, according on witnesses and camera evidence. […]

Philadelphia area auto collision kills 10-year old and injures another

Police are investigating a collision in Chester, Delaware County between a car and a truck which resulted in the death of a 10-year boy and injuries to 11-year old Tyvaun Frison. The boys were on the sidewalk and were hit when a collision between a Monte Carlo and a Ford F-350 spilled onto the sidewalk. […]

New York Trucking Accident Kills Seven People

A placid, upstate New York community was struck by tragedy on Wednesday night.  A crash that left veteran firefighters speechless claimed the lives of four small children and three adults. The trailer of a salvage truck broke free and skirted across the lonely stretch of Route 13 before slamming into the mini-van that the victims […]