Bus Crash Injures 20 Students

A school bus crash injured 20 students in Lower Windsor Township, Pennsylvania on Dec. 15, according to the York Daily Record.

While en route to the high and middle school, an SUV collided with the rear of the school bus. Although all 20 students were taken to the hospital via ambulance, the injuries appeared to be minor with no broken bones.

“I think that everyone is going to be OK. Time will tell if there are any lasting effects,” commented Tim Caldwell, police chief of Lower Windsor Township.

At this time, the crash is still being investigated. The bus had just stopped at a designated bus stop, picked up four students, and closed the door when the Chevrolet Suburban, driven by 55-year-old Marianna Prugar, crashed into the rear end. Although she was uninjured by the accident, she recalled seeing several students crying near the back of the bus.

“It felt like we got pushed by a truck,” commented 15-year-old Loynn Fuller on the impact of the SUV hitting the rear end of the bus.

Of the 31 students on the bus at the time of the accident, 20 suffered enough of a serious injury to warrant a trip to the hospital.

“My daughter (13-year-old Cloe Small) is physically OK, but she’s definitely shaken up,” Sara Small added. “She was one of the lucky ones.”

“These are major accidents. If it happened in Baltimore on the beltway, they deal with that all the time. But here, it’s a major occurrence,” said Police Chief Caldwell.

The accident raised additional concern about the safety of the particular bus stop, which had apparently been an issue for parents in the pass. They believed the bus stop’s proximity to a curve made it a hazardous place for students to stand and wait, and for buses to stop. Sara Small mentioned that parents have voiced their concerns over the stop’s location for many years.

Police Chief Caldwell directed all complaints and concerns to the school board, which handles such issues, as the police force had not received any complaints on which to act. In the meantime, the police force will continue to investigate the crash.

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