Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires Recalled

The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) announced the recall of Bridgestone Exedra G850 G motorcycle tires due to a potential safety hazard. According to the report issued by NHTSA, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operation (BATO) recalled the tires after discovering a defect in the tire could potentially lead to motorcycle accidents.

The tires involved in the recall include Bridgestone Exedra G850 G motorcycle tires, size 180/70R1677H. The recalled motorcycle tires were designed and sold to fit MY 2008 and 2009 Triumph Rocket III Touring motorcycles.

Apparently, the motorcycles that the tires were designed for develop too much torque than the tires can handle. The result is the tires may experience an inner lining cracking from such high amounts of torque, which, overtime, can lead to a slow leak in the back tire. The slow leak has the potential to cause a motorcycle accident.

According to the recall, one of the signs of a defective motorcycle tire is that it will start to shake at normal speeds.

BATO is working in conjunction with NHTSA to notify all riders of the potential risk. They are advising all riders who have the defective motorcycle tires on their bikes to stop riding immediately until the tires have been replaced. They are replacing all defective tires free of charge.

Motorcycle Accident Information

Motorcycle crashes are one of the leading causes of fatalities on the U.S. roadways. Because of the nature of motorcycle crashes, it is important for riders to take extra precaution when riding.

Companies and manufacturers who make motorcycle tires and equipment have a responsibility ensure the equipment they produce is safe. Individuals injured and families of those killed in motorcycle crashes are eligible to seek compensation from companies such as BATO if the accident was caused by a product defect.

Have You Been Injured by a Defective Product?

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident while riding on the recalled motorcycle tires, you can file a legal claim against BATO and recover compensation for any losses incurred.

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