Philadelphia Traumatic Brain Injury

Philadelphia, PA – The Killino Firm has been representing clients and their families who have suffered from the consequences of a brain injury for many years. He is deeply associated with many organizations including the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania (BIAPA) where he serves on the board of directors.

The Killino Firm defines and distinguishes TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) caused by a direct blow to the head and ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) as an injury to the brain secondary to a trauma, stroke, post surgical complication or from certain diseases. While most of the cases he sees are as a result of a TBI, there are instances where an ABI prompts litigation.

Types of Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI falls into three classes; severe, moderate and mild. Severe TBI can cause death, coma, permanent vegetative state, seizures, muscle paralysis, apathy, dementia, psychosis and other serious physical problems. Moderate TBI can cause substantial lifetime impairments of cognitive, visual, motor, emotional, social, sexual or vocational functioning with on-going need for home assistance and therapies. Mild TBI (a commonly overlooked injury), causes headaches and subtle decrements in attention, memory, information processing speed, anxiety, depression and loss of self-confidence.

Mild TBI is often confused with common medical maladies and only medical personnel whose practices concentrate in brain injuries diagnosis these problems as a form of brain injury.

Similarly, lawyers who traditionally don’t see cases involving TBI have difficulties communicating the nuisances and subtleties of this injury.

Every year TBI kills or disables more people through the age of 44 than any other cause. This statistic is received in amazement by the general public. TBI cannot be cured and there are estimated to be over 5 million people living with permanent disabilities from TBI.

Traumatic Brain Injury Law

Since most TBI’s are caused by the careless conduct of a third party, many victims have the right to sue for money damages. These damages can include reimbursement for medical bills, drug costs and therapy, lost wages and future loss of earnings and for pain and suffering. The Killino Firm has represented many clients with TBI against negligent drivers, store owners, employers, contractors and others. In addition to fighting insurance companies on behalf of clients, The Killino Firm aggressively explores other sources of benefits which are often unknown to lawyers who do not regularly represent clients with TBI.

The Killino Firm feels that the most challenging aspect of representing Traumatic Brain Injury survivors is that many times they suffer minimal outward manifestations of the injury. Many patients are told they will recover. As a result they do not receive appropriate care and treatment for the disabilities that follow, including physical, cognitive psychological and social impairments. Maximizing damages for these plaintiff’s requires a thorough understanding of traumatic brain injury. Since the medical community, generally speaking is not well trained in neurobehavioral science, physicians often fail to diagnose the short-term and potentially chronic aspects of closed head injuries in the regular office visit. Outside the regional head injury treatment centers, neurologists on a day-to-day basis do not treat trauma victims. Neuro-surgeons see only the most severe cases of acute disorders and coma, https://neurofitnessfoundation.org/xanax-alprazolam/.

The Killino Firm has had a working relationship (for many years) with the regional brain injury centers, the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of Rehabilitation Nurses, medical personal who work exclusively with brain injury and other organization, all of which afford him a unique perspective when representing a client and their families who have suffered because of TBI.

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