Dashboards Cracking on Dodge Ram Pickups

Jackson, MS – Derek Gilmer purchased a 2002 Dodge Ram truck and he loves it. However, he recently noticed that small hairline cracks began appearing on his dashboard. And these are not cheap repairs. These repairs can actually be quite expensive.

When he showed these cracks to Jackson’s WLBT3, the air vent actually collapsed right before their eyes. This could cause a more severe issue because a dashboard collapsing in on itself could expose the wiring in the vehicle, making the situation a messy one. The sun can melt the wires and the harnesses could be exposed. This could present a dangerous situation. But what about all of the other Dodge Ram trucks on the road?

More Complaints About Dodge Ram Dashboard Cracking

An internet search brought up very interesting results. One internet user asked others approximately four months ago why the dashboard of their 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 was cracking. They noted that three small cracks had appeared and proceeded to ask what could be done to prevent and hide the cracks. Of course others offered their opinions, but one helpful individual noted that the repairs are expensive. Some others even suggested replacing the dashboard and then buying a dash cover to avoid cracking of the new one.

One website that provides a message board for vehicle owners to share their complaints with others has its fair share of Dodge dashboard complaints. One user said he searched to see if there was a product recall because of all of the complaints on the internet and was disappointed to see that Chrysler has not issued one. Another user said that she did contact Chrysler and Chrysler agreed to pay $700 of the replacement cost, but that she still had to fit the bill for $200. A Third stated that he has had to have the dash replaced on his 2002 Dodge Ram twice and the new one is already showing three new cracks.

Dashboard Defect Not a Recall Issue and No Warranty

Both Gilmer and WLBT contacted the local Jackson Dodge dealer and confirmed that there is no recall. The dashboard issue is also not covered under warranty. However, Gilmer has reported his cracked dash to Chrysler. So far he has received no offer to replace it. As for the dealer, they state that they are not obligated to replace the dash. Nevertheless, the complaint was submitted to see if Chrysler would possibly share the replacement cost.

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