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A Total of Five Construction Workers Sustain Injuries from Scaffold Collapse

Johnson City, TN – A total of five block masons sustained construction injuries from a scaffolding collapse at the site they were working at. They were working at the Hamilton Place construction area located off North State of Franklin Road. The construction accident occurred because the scaffold was placed upon a ceiling joist crafted from […]

Cancer Patient Dropped from Necessary Insurance by California’s Health Net

Woodland Hills, CA – A breast cancer patient was let go as a recipient of California’s Health Net insurance policy while undergoing chemotherapy treatments. The patient won a $9 million lawsuit brought against the health insurance company for their decision to drop the patient. Since the lawsuit California Health Net has amended its policy and […]

Cameras Country Wide Catch Red Light Runners at a High Price

Clarksville, TN – Across the country red light cameras are becoming the big brother of Americans on the roads. People race through the red lights to avoid getting caught by the camera to avoid getting a traffic ticket. Throughout the country it is being revealed that red light cameras are the cause of several crashes […]

Progress Produces Defect Dilemma for Toyota

Tokyo, Japan – The huge automaker Toyota has announced that it realizes that it has an auto defects dilemma largely due to the massive growth of the large company. President Katsuaki Watanabe acknowledges that progress has been good for the company, yet has yielded issues with items such as: auto defects design, developmental problems, production […]