Lawyer Jeffrey Killino Handles Complex Vehicle-crash Suits

The recent and tragic crash that occurred between a FedEx truck and chartered tour bus in Orland, California, resulted in multiple injuries and ten untimely deaths for which no one can ever truly be compensated. Yet, obtaining compensation from those responsible for such devastation may often provide the only comfort and closure available to the families of those who lost their lives.

At least one lawsuit has already been filed. The mother of one of the high-school students who died in the crash has brought a negligence action against FedEx, alleging that FedEx trucks have a history of catching fire (as this one did), and seeking $100 million in damages. The FedEx driver’s estate and the bus-owner have also been sued.

Actions that may be brought for injuries sustained in vehicle crashes
• Product liability
When the defective manufacture or design of a vehicle is the cause of an accident or the cause of increased injuries sustained in an accident caused by something other than a defect, a product-liability suit may be brought against the vehicle’s manufacturer (including the manufacturer of a defective component) and anyone else in the chain of distribution.
For example, a product-liability claim might be brought against the manufacturer of the charter bus involved in the California crash, alleging (as does the negligence suit referenced above) that the bus lacked exit doors adequate to allow passengers to escape after the crash. A similar action might be filed against the manufacturer of the 2007 Volvo FedEx truck, alleging that a manufacturing or design defect was a cause of the FedEx truck’s catching fire, which was, in turn, a cause of injuries and deaths sustained in the crash.
• Negligence
Actions in negligence may be brought against defendants who owed a duty of care to the plaintiff, breached that duty of care, and caused injuries to the plaintiff as a result of that breach, leading to compensable damages suffered by the plaintiff. When multiple vehicles are involved in a crash, the possible negligence of each vehicle’s driver will need to be determined.
With regard to the California crash, if negligence of the drivers of the FedEx truck and/or the tour bus was a cause of injuries sustained in the crash, actions in negligence may be brought against the drivers’ estates.
Gathering evidence in complicated vehicle-accident cases
The gathering of evidence in vehicle-crash cases can be both complicated and time-consuming. The California Highway Patrol and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have begun extensive investigations to determine what may be multiple causes of the California accident, involving multiple individuals and entities. The NTSB has stated that it could take more than a year to complete its investigation.
Obtain the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys
The Killino Firm has handled many complicated vehicle-accident suits. If you or a loved one suffered injuries as a result of a vehicle accident, the Killino Firm’s experienced team of attorneys is ready to assist you.