Firm Bio

Shortly after the turn of the millennium, two significant legal matters would shape Attorney Killino’s legacy and spark the rise of the Killino Firm.  The early years of Jeffrey Killino’s legal career were characterized by his representation of injured children and his focus on truck accidents.  Killino cut his teeth on a wide variety of child injury and truck-crash cases, fighting for some of the most catastrophically injured clients, such as those with traumatic brain injuries.

While investigating one such truck/van accident with a double fatality and two brain injured survivors, Killino recognized the truck tires were dangerously defective, because the Chinese manufacturer removed critical rubber strips to save one dollar per tire. Killino’s aggressive prosecution of that matter prompted the Chinese tire recall, which garnered international media attention in 2007, the year of the Chinese recalls.

At the same time, a California family retained Killino to help their son who was exposed to lead-painted Mattel toys.  Killino’s pursuit of justice again attracted international media attention, as the Mattel recalls were expanding by millions of toys.   Killino fought to protect children, and his efforts were instrumental in advancing  passage of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which reduced permissible lead levels in children’s products, required third-party-testing, and imposed other safety measures.

In the years following these two significant matters, The Killino Firm went on to accumulate strings of multi-million dollar settlements, verdicts, and recoveries on behalf of injured children, truck accident victims, and surviving families from coast to coast.  While the Firm expanded with offices sprouting up around the country, it remains specially focused and concentrates on representing injured children and truck accident victims, as well as their families.

Child/Birth Injuries

Children are injured and accidentally killed in a multitude of tragic ways.  The Killino Firm prosecutes these causes, so as to prevent tragedy from striking again.  For infants and toddlers, drownings, chokings, suffocations, and poisonings are leading causes of injury and fatality.  From there, injuries at daycares, schools, playgrounds, and amusement parks rise.  Motor vehicle accidents of all sorts, from school bus and bicycle accidents to truck accidents and drunk driving car accidents, continue as leading causes of injury and death well into the teenage years. Whether it is a dangerous toy, defective car seat, or medical error during labor and delivery causing Cerebral Palsy, the Killino Firm achieves maximum possible recoveries.

Truck Accidents

The Killino Firm also excels at maximizing recoveries for truck accident victims and families.  Speeding, drug use, fatigue, and equipment failure are among the leading causes of heavy truck crashes and fatalities.  The Killino Firm utilizes its resources (war chest) and expertise to beat indigent truck insurance companies who fight these cases.  Sometimes drivers are so unfit, that the Motor Carrier should never have put them behind the wheel.  The Killino Firm has literally put these types of Motor Carriers out of business and forced them into bankruptcy.  The Killino Firm takes on Motor Carriers and their insurance companies throughout the country and makes them pay.

Recoveries and Representaion

The Killino Firm does not make its clients’ tragedies into its own victories. We never brag about or use our clients’ settlements or verdicts to promote the Firm. The Killino Firm’s clients are not just numbers in a running tally of the millions recovered.  They are real people that get personal and compassionate, yet aggressive and relentless representation.  Because the Killino Firm focuses on child/birth injures and truck accidents, it selectively limits the cases accepted for representation, which is a great benefit to our clients.

The Team

Jeffrey Killino is repeatedly called upon for expert commentary by national print and broadcast news outlets.  He is a frequent lecturer to other lawyers on topics such as toys, trucking, and trial advocacy.  The core managing and member attorneys of the Killino Firm have, on average, over 20 years experience. Our attorneys are licensed in many states throughout the country, and have been specially admitted to practice pro hac vice through an elite network of local counsel.  The Killino Firm is further supported by a superb team of associates, paralegals, and other staff, as well as a team of top notch investigators.  We also have some of the nation’s best subject matter and medical experts on retainer.


The Killino Firm is a national law firm offering no cost case reviews, in person, telephonically, or by video conference.