Brain Injury Recovery and Needs

The Killino legal team knows about the unique issues and needs faced by brain injury victims, their spouses, and family members. And we know they can often last a lifetime. We are prepared to undertake the legal battle needed for your recovery. And we will make sure your needs are met.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

Rehabilitation can help the brain learn alternative ways of working in order to minimize the long-term impact of the brain injury. Rehabilitation also helps the survivor and the family to cope successfully with permanent disabilities.  If a brain injury victim no longer needs long-term rehabilitation but needs further support, there are several options for continued treatment, from rehab clinics to post-acute rehab programs.

TBI Victim Needs

Brain trauma survivors may need months, sometimes years, of rehabilitation to perform simple tasks. Often, injuries are permanent and the victim is disabled for life.

Rehab will help a traumatic brain injury victim reach the highest level of independent functioning that they can, depending on the seriousness of the accident. Therapy works on restoring lost skills — some people lose abilities after a traumatic brain injury and will have to learn to compensate for them. The most difficult part of traumatic brain injury is receiving the proper treatment. If a head injury does not result in hospitalization and the injury is a closed head injury, failure to diagnose a problem during an office visit – and sometimes long after the accident happened– may result.

More attention needs to be placed on brain injury recovery and victim’s needs. Research into brain injury has taken great strides over the past few decades, and medical breakthroughs do happen (for example, medical trials are ongoing to develop drugs to control microglia after injury. One promising drug is PIF (Pre-Implantation Factor), which has been shown to greatly reduce inflammation and degeneration in the brain following injury) but such efforts need a person-centered approach.

Just as brain injuries can require certain medical experts and therapists, an experienced brain injury attorney, one who has successfully defended victims of TBIs, can significantly alter the outlook of your brain injury recovery and needs.

At the Killino Firm, we know that a TBI can cause extensive emotional, physical and financial strain. We will fight to secure you and your family the compensation you require for long-term care and therapy, as well as for your pain and suffering.

Recovery following rehabilitation can be a life-long process, and sometimes recovery involves long-term care. The estimated costs of rehabilitation for head injury survivors run anywhere from $90,000 to $5 million – that amount of money is a struggle for most people who are not only dealing with medical expenses but  may also be suffering from emotional problems.

If you haven’t done so already, contact a lawyer who specializes in brain injury litigation. Brain injury lawsuits raise complex legal and medical issues and your situation can change from the time of the accident until the recovery stage, so it is necessary to get in touch with an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer who can help you obtain compensation for physical and emotional pain, disability, disfigurement, medical expenses, loss of quality of life, and so forth.