Honda Will Pay $70 Million in Penalties for Failing to Report Deaths and Injuries That May Have Been Caused by Vehicle Defects

The year 2014 saw more motor-vehicle recalls than any year in history. While recalls are often prompted by injuries or deaths found to have been caused by specific vehicle or vehicle safety-equipment defects, others may be instituted upon discovery of defects that have not yet led to injury-causing accidents. Recalls made for either reason are… Read more

Dangerous Guardrails Have Been Banned in at Least 31 States

Trinity Industries, the manufacturer of ET-Plus roadside guardrails used in states across the country, agreed on October 24, 2014, to stop selling the guardrails until additional tests can be made to assess their safety. The guardrails line the highways and roads of nearly every state in the nation, and more than 30 states have already… Read more

How to Recover Damages for Injuries Sustained while You Are Traveling

Tourists and business travelers may sustain injuries in any number of ways while vacationing in or visiting another state. From slips and falls to car crashes to amusement park accidents, travelers are vulnerable to being hurt in unfamiliar places or when distracted by sightseeing or other vacation or business activities. Being injured while far from… Read more

Can You Be Held Responsible for Injuries Sustained by Guests at a Holiday Party Or Other Gathering in Your Home?

The late fall and winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve and Day are popular times throughout the country for parties and other gatherings with neighbors, friends, and relatives. The Super Bowl and other bowl games can attract equally enthusiastic crowds and, perhaps, even more exuberant celebration. Many who host a holiday… Read more

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