Injuries Resulting From Porch & Deck Collapse

Deck Collapse is a greater problem than many people are aware of. Ever year, more than 6,000 people suffer serious injuries, life long disabilities and even death from a balcony, deck collapse or deck failure. Even though building requirements and codes have become more stringent over the years, millions of decks that were built decades… Read more

Fireworks This Season: Why Safety Comes First

It’s that time of year – when the night sky lights up with explosions of fireworks.  Unfortunately, it’s also a busy time for emergency rooms and hand surgeons treating fireworks injuries, from small burns to huge blasts.  Senator Kay Kirkpatrick, a former hand surgeon, told the Marietta Daily Journal yesterday that she spent many nights… Read more

Pam Spray Exploding, According to Lawsuits

Conagra, the giant American packaged food company and PAM Cooking Spray  manufacturer, says that Pam is “100 percent safe and effective” but at least eight victims claim otherwise. Pam Spray Lawsuits The plaintiffs who filed lawsuits against Conagra claim that exploding cans of cooking spray sold under the brand names Pam, Wellsley Farms and Sysco,… Read more

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