Ford Recalls More than 430,000 Vehicles for Software Defect

Motor-vehicle defects—including those in software that controls a vehicle’s operation— can result in vehicle malfunction, accidents, injuries, and death. In July 2015, Ford Motor Company (Ford) issued a recall of approximately 433,000 vehicles after a defect was discovered in the vehicles’ body-control-module software. The software bug may cause the engines of certain 2015 Focus, C-MAX,… Read more

At Least 7 Dead, More than a Hundred Injured, and Many Unaccounted for after Amtrak Train Traveling over 100 mph Derails in Philadelphia

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015, an Amtrak train traveling from Washington, D.C. to New York City is reported to have been traveling over 100 miles per hour when it derailed in Philadelphia. The train was found, through its data recorder, to have been navigating a curve at that speed—where the usual limit of 70 mph… Read more

Honda Will Pay $70 Million in Penalties for Failing to Report Deaths and Injuries That May Have Been Caused by Vehicle Defects

The year 2014 saw more motor-vehicle recalls than any year in history. While recalls are often prompted by injuries or deaths found to have been caused by specific vehicle or vehicle safety-equipment defects, others may be instituted upon discovery of defects that have not yet led to injury-causing accidents. Recalls made for either reason are… Read more

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