Heparin Ingredients collected from unregulated farms, FDA claims

New York, NY – Heparin is an injectable blood-thinning drug that is mainly given to dialysis patients (about 450,000 in the US alone). It is also administered in heart surgery and occasionally given to patients with blood-clotting problems due to its ability to prevent the formation of clots that can lead to stroke or heart… Read more

Jury Awards $5.3 Million to Woman in Bad Faith Insurance Case

Missoula, MT – An insurance company has been ordered by a jury to award a woman $5.3 million in damages because the California-based Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. failed to pay her medical expenses after the plaintiff was involved in a 2003 head-on car crash. The trial lasted five days and it only took the jury… Read more

Inmate Suffered Brain Injuries, Sheriff Testifies

Miami, FL – The family of a former inmate of the Broward County Jail has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit and the former sheriff, Ken Jenne, has been named personally. This could mean that any damages the jury awards could result in Jenne having to pay out of his own pocket. Other defendants include… Read more

Teen Still Recovering from Alcohol-Related Accident

Fruitvale, TX – It was a trip to Taco Bell and to another boy’s house that would have young Brittany Hodges fighting for her life for the six months following. But even after six months of recovering from the injuries inflicted on her body and her brain after the car crash, she would never be… Read more

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