Slow Cookers, Multi-Cookers & Pressure Cookers are Convenient. But are They Safe?

The convenience of slow cookers, multi-cookers, and pressure cookers have made these small appliances popular kitchen accessories. But while Crock-Pots, Instant Pots, and similar devices undoubtedly make it much easier for busy families to get a nutritious meal on the table, these products are not without risk. In fact, dozens of people have suffered amputations,… Read more

Recent Product Recalls Highlight Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Dangers

Every year, thousands of people across the United States suffer severe and potentially fatal injuries because of carbon monoxide exposure. Far too often in these cases, a defective boiler, CO alarm, or other recalled product allowed this deadly gas to accumulate in an enclosed space completely unnoticed. The Killino Firm’s carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers believe… Read more

Truck Accidents from Falling Cargo & Flying Debris: What Every Driver Should Know.

While any accident involving a semi-truck, big rig, or other large commercial truck is always dangerous, the odds of severe injury and wrongful death increase when a collision involves falling cargo or flying debris. The Killino Firm’s truck accident lawyers believe the victims of cargo-related accidents are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. If you or… Read more

Hand Sanitizer Poisonings and Injuries Surge Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread in communities across the nation, hand sanitizer products are flying off store shelves. But while hand sanitizer can help slow transmission of COVID-19, a growing number of reports have also linked such products to poisonings, burns, and other serious injuries. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Read more

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