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Honda Will Pay $70 Million in Penalties for Failing to Report Deaths and Injuries That May Have Been Caused by Vehicle Defects

The year 2014 saw more motor-vehicle recalls than any year in history. While recalls are often prompted by injuries or deaths found to have been caused by specific vehicle or vehicle safety-equipment defects, others may be instituted upon discovery of defects that have not yet led to injury-causing accidents. Recalls made for either reason are […]

Serious injuries and death in various auto accidents and car crashes

A Canton woman was flown by helicopter to Akron General Hospital following a single vehicle accident on May 16, near New Philadelphia.  Marilyn R. Neff, 68, was driving southwest on Oldtown Valley Road and lost control of her vehicle, causing it to veer off the road and flip into a ditch.  The truck’s roof was […]

New York Trucking Accident Kills Seven People

A placid, upstate New York community was struck by tragedy on Wednesday night.  A crash that left veteran firefighters speechless claimed the lives of four small children and three adults. The trailer of a salvage truck broke free and skirted across the lonely stretch of Route 13 before slamming into the mini-van that the victims […]

Building collapse in Philadelphia kills 6, injures 13

A four-story building in Philadelphia that was being demolished collapsed on Wednesday, killing 6, and injuring at least 13 people. The empty building used to house a sandwich shop on the first floor with apartments above that. A neighboring Salvation Army thrift store located to the side of the building was heavily damaged. Several of […]