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The Rise – and Crash – of Electric Scooters

Since late 2017, when electric scooters started zipping around city streets and pavements, at least eight people in the U.S. have died and about 1,500 people injured while using a rentable e-scooter.  While these little, dockless vehicles are convenient and a possible answer to vehicle-related injuries, traffic congestion and air pollution they also bring safety […]

Semi-truck Rear Ends School Bus With 39 Students On Board In Highlands County

On Wednesday morning in Highlands County, a tragic incident happened where a semi truck ‘rear ended’ a school bus that was transporting 39 students. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that five students along with a bus driver were injured in the crash. The incident took place at around 7:50 am in the morning at the […]

Ford Recalls More than 430,000 Vehicles for Software Defect

Motor-vehicle defects—including those in software that controls a vehicle’s operation— can result in vehicle malfunction, accidents, injuries, and death. In July 2015, Ford Motor Company (Ford) issued a recall of approximately 433,000 vehicles after a defect was discovered in the vehicles’ body-control-module software. The software bug may cause the engines of certain 2015 Focus, C-MAX, […]